PROFIL Release History Older Versions 4.x and 5.x

Rel. 6.0 Date 01-Dec-2020:
New features:
  • 64bit version for WINDOWS 7,8,10 enables efficient handling especially for larger projects during output.
  • Roll Tool Window, Print Preview, Create Parts List, Create NC: Real diameter instead of intersection diameter of the tangents.
  • Profile List: Leading zeros are displayed after entering ## in the field Pass.
  • Export and all other Save functions: User request if file already exists.
FEA Finite element analysis:
  • New menu item Advanced for expert settings.
  • Contacts are active only, if the sheet is near or between the rolls. This speeds up the simulation time.
  • Start Position in front of the stand: Calculation dependent on the real roll radius instead of the radius at the intersection point of the tangents.
  • Guideways are saved in the project file. If Restart is selected, the saved guideways are taken instead of calculating them newly dependent on the roll diameters. Thus restart is possible after modifying roll diameters.
  • Improved Automatic Roll Meshing.
  • New button FEA Output in the Button Key Bar.
Roll Stock Management / Profile Catalogue:
  • New database format SQL 64bit.
  • Database converter for the transfer of old roll and project data to the new SQL database.
Bugfixes general:
  • Roll Numbering for more than 10 rolls works correctly now.
  • Stress of Band Edge/PSA: No error anymore for empty profile lists.
  • Print Preview: Correct form feed for NC output now.
  • Roll Stock Management: No negative roll width anymore if rolls are defined from the right to the left.
  • Double pass names check works correctly now.
  • Short Keys are saved to the ini file correctly.
  • 3D-Model -> CAD now also appears in the Short Keys selection box.
  • ACAD ActiveX Import: No abort anymore if the CAD drawing contains more than one polyline.
Bugfixes FEA Output:
  • No sporadic DEATH < ENDTIM anymore.
  • The profile does not stick to the top roll anymore.
  • In case of guiding the birth contact start is not too late anymore, now it always starts at the largest radius.
  • Profile Meshing now works correctly in case of succeeding arcs with the same length,
  • No double curve point anymore in the velocity curve for a small distance between stands.
  • No run-time error anymore during FEA output, if a stand contains no rolls.
  • No wrong z meshing anymore after opening old projects,
  • In the Curve Generator min. allowed fracture strain is now 0.01.
  • In a symmetric project, the rolls now are exported to FEA correctly if they are defined from the right to the left.

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