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Shaped Tubes
Designing shaped and round tubes and roll tools:
The Tube Design Toolbox contains a set of powerful functions for designing:
  • calibrating passes for shaped tubes
  • welding pass for round tubes
  • fin passes
  • break down passes for normal and W-forming
  • rolls for calibrating passes
  • top and bottom roll for the fin passes
  • top and bottom roll for the break down passes
  • side rolls

Example: designing the calibrating passes for shaped tubes
Shaped tubes are formed from an initial welded tube by calibrating stands or by drawing rings. It is a good idea to select an initial cross-section that approaches the final cross-section, e.g. a round tube or an elliptic tube. Designing the cross sectional pattern of the intermediate stages is a very time-consuming task if it has to be done manually.

PROFIL is able to do this automatically. The pre-defined calibrating factor says how much the developed length of the tube decreases in each stand and the pre-defined forming degree enables the designer to distribute the 100% of the forming between the welded tube and the shaped tube to each stand. The software proposes the cross sectional pattern for all passes until the round welded tube. The designer can accept or try newly.

Because there are many possible cross section patterns for the calibrating stands, PROFIL has a built-in random generator that calculates 10 different solutions for the problem. 9 of them are thrown away and the best with the minimum horizontal deviation of centroid of the area is kept.

More: Calibrating Shaped Tubes

Tube Design

Example: designing the fin pass
Simply enter the fin width, the tube is automatically bent open to the given fin width.

Roll Design

Example: designing the top roll for a fin pass
Simply enter the roll width, the fin height, the fillet radii and the air gap between top and bottom roll. The roll is created automatically.

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