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Dimensioning Profile

Dimensioning profiles and roll tools:
Objects can be dimensioned associatively, meaning that if you modify any object, the dimensioning is modified automatically. The very important intersection point of the tangents of an arc is supported for dimensioning. The dimensioned drawings can be printed and transferred to CAD.

Example: Dimensioning a profile drawing
Profile drawings can be dimensioned manually. The end points of the entities are caught automatically; further catch points can be accessed via the right mouse button. The dimension text point can be modified also for existing dimensions. With it, the dimension text sticks to the cursor an can be moved as you like.

Dimensioning Roll Tool

Example: Dimensioning a roll tool drawing
Roll tools drawings can be dimensioned manually and automatically. The very important diameter dimensioning is supported. You can select if the automatic dimensioning should appear on the left, right, top or bottom. If necessary, the dimensioning can be positioned exactly afterwards.

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