PROFIL Release History

Rel. 2.7 Date 28-Aug-98:
From now, only the 32bit version for WINDOWS 95/98/NT is supported.
New features:
  • ActiveX interface to AutoCAD R 14.01.
  • No runtime-error anymore while removing a profile list and the window "Stress of band edge" is open.
Rel. 2.6 Date 24-Apr-98:
New features:
  • Measuring of distances between two points of the drawing in x-, y- and diagonal direction, measuring of angles.
  • Scroll bar don't hides the pass numbers anymore.
  • 3D-view with correct corners, if the profile lists contain various numbers of elements or contain elements of Type A2/3.
  • Arrows for the direction of continuing now are correctly positioned in the view flower separated and 3D.
Rel. 2.5 Date 20-Feb-98:
New features:
  • Interface to AutoCAD R14 via ActiveX: Transfer of profile and roll drawings to AutoCAD, reading profile and roll contours drawn in AutoCAD with selection of displayed layers and colors. Setup of AutoCAD isn't necessary anymore; the interface runs with every user's adaptation (only 32-bit-version).
  • The status bar displays the data of the selected profile element or roll corner point (only 32-bit-version).
  • Folded contours (180 degree) now can be read correctly from CAD.
  • 'Roll, Move' moves now all rolls of a shaft again.
Rel. 2.4 Date 01-Dec-97:
New features:
  • Profile Design Toolbox for quick and easy defining of the profile without CAD, contains basic profiles like U-, C-, hat, etc. and elements for continuing the design.
  • Project history in the menu 'File'.
  • An arrow shows the direction of continuing while entering the profile data directly into the profile list.
  • Print preview and print-out now show the scale of the drawing, too.
  • The weight inside the statics table is now correctly updated after changing the material.
  • The strip width inside the profile list window is now correctly updated after changing the length of a line element by using the manipulator.
  • No mix-up anymore of the right and left side of the stress of band edge inside the print preview.
  • No runtime-error anymore when calling the function 'File, Edit Machine Data, Machine File, New' (16 bit version only).
  • After importing older profile lists the correct status 'discharged' is now set.
  • While exporting older profile lists the selected path is not ignored anymore.
  • Changing the absolute angle of an arc is now possible again.
Rel. 2.3 Date 15-Sep-97:
New features:
  • Machine data for every stand separately.
  • Switching of the display between the discharged and the loaded state by function key F9 for the whole profile or for single arcs.
  • Design of the profile and the roll tools now also possible for the loaded state for compensating the spring back.
  • Automatic renumbering of the rolls don't omits the numbers 9, 19, .. anymore.
  • When changing the roll number, the drawing is now immediately updated.
  • When trying to modify the radius loaded or the radius discharged for the arc type A2/A3, now a correct message appears.
  • No memory protection error anymore when designing rolls caused by incorrect heap management.
  • No mix-up anymore of the distance between stands and the strip width in the print preview and the print out.
Rel. 2.2 Date 19-Aug-97:
New features:
  • Plotting of the drawings to any WINDOWS-printer. Selection of predefined plot scales.
  • Printing of the profile list, the statics, the stress of the band edge and the roll tool data in WINDOWS graphics mode.
  • Print preview on the screen. Selection, which information should be printed.
  • No error anymore when importing profile lists, if they contain a calculation method which doesn't exists in the file Profil.fkd.
  • Displayed texts on the drawing board now are correctly zoomed.
  • Roll/part number of side rolls now are displayed vertically.
Rel. 2.11 Date 04-Jul-97:
  • Function 'Roll, Read Profile List' was improved for folded edges.
  • Window 'Stress of band edge' is now able to display more than 15 passes correctly.
  • Linetypes in the DXF outputfile now are set to CONTINUOUS and DASHDOT instead of the German ones.
  • Roll data window now is correctly updated, when rolls are modified by using the manipulator.
Rel. 2.1 Date 05-Jun-97:
New features:
  • Full Imperial Support. PROFIL calculates and displays all values in lb and inch.
  • Display of revolution lines, bore lines and spacers can be selected in 'Options, Drawing'.
  • Number keys with variables and automatic increment for roll and part numbers in 'Options, Roll List'.
  • Window 'Data Save Y/N?' appears when exiting PROFIL by pressing the exit button.
  • 'Tube Calibration' doesn't cause a Runtime-Error anymore.
  • Calling the statics window for the same pass again doesn't cause a Runtime-Error anymore.
  • File transfer to ME10 is now possible, when roll numbers are not defined.
Rel. 2.01 Date 07-May-97:
  • Printing of the stress of band edge is now possible again.
Rel. 2.0 Date 21-Apr-97:
New features:
  • Redesign of the DOS version Rel. 1, for WINDOWS 3.1, 95 and NT, with a new WINDOWS-based GUI and many new features.
Rel. 3.4, Date 1-Dec-2002:
New features:
  • Shaped tubes: automatic creation of the calibrating stands for any shaped tube cross-section, dependent on given calibrating factor and forming degree.
  • Track Holding Arc type (bending method) A4 as a combination of A2 and A3 with user defined distribution of the surplus lengths to the previous and next segment and with automatic distribution for guiding the strip straightaway (track holding method).
  • Perspective angle 0 (side view) for "View, Flower 3D".
  • Automatic adaptation of the rolls when changing the working diameter or the reference point.
  • Search path for the bore hole, bushing, identification groove, and material files are remembered.
  • Reference point of automatic roll dimensioning can be set to the left or right side.
  • Main line color of the profile and the rolls can be set separately.
  • Decimal places of the co-ordinates of the NC program can be preset.
  • In the parts list column "Actual Diam." the options setting "Diameter from Intersection Point/Actual Maximum" now is considered.
  • "Open Fold" now calculates the correct strip width in case of symmetrical profile.
Rel. 3.3, Date 1-Dec-2001:
New features:
  • FEA Interface to the leading FEA system ABAQUS/Explicit from SIMULIA Dassault Systèmes. The simulation of the roll forming process enables the designer to validate and optimize his rollform design at an early stage before the rolls are manufactured to ensure that the final product meets the particular needs.
  • Undo / Redo command, for reversing the 5 most recent operations and for reversing the effect of the previous undo command.
  • Copying of the Drawing as a pixel image into the Windows clipboard for transfer it to any other Windows application, e.g. MS-Word.
  • Open Fold command, useful if in the last pass a 180 degree fold with inner radius 0 should be created by pressing together the legs of a bend.
  • Clearance Angle by entering a desired angle value and by extending or shortening the arc.
  • Arched extension for rolls that end with an arc or a line. In case of arc the arc is lengthened; in case of line an arched extension with a selectable radius is added.
  • Extended extension settings: by width (relative), to width (absolute) and to diameter (absolute).
  • New Roll Properties, separate for each roll: Bore Hole, Bushing, Identification Groove, Material, Treating, Surface, Addition, Remark. Default values can be preset.
  • User defined composition of the Parts List columns with selectable sorting and sum fields. As well as rolls the parts list can contain spacers and bushing. Rolls with same parts list data are summarized to one parts list entry, if the column "Count" is selected.
  • The addition for calculating the blank size of the rolls is taken either from the intersection point of the tangents or the actual maximum diameter by user pre-set.
  • The Parts List can be transferred to MS-Excel by ActiveX, starting in the marked cell.
  • Bore hole designation is shown in the drawing, all texts aligned left or center.
  • Selecting layer numbers instead of layer names, when the output file is created (Optiones Files).
  • Improved online help.
  • User defined text editor instead of NotePad.
  • No sporadic error message anymore when removing a profile list.
  • Bug fixed: When splitting a roll between corner points the input of the limits sometimes is not possible.
  • No sporadic error message anymore during the function 3D-Stand -> AutoCAD.
Rel. 3.2, Date 1-Nov-2000:
New features:
  • Creating a photo realistic image of a stand or of the profile (if PROFIL is connected to AutoCAD R14 or higher), suited for demonstrating the company's products e.g. in presentations, offers and advertising brochures.
  • Wheel mouse support, using the wheel to zoom and move the drawing on the drawing board.
  • Output of the roll drawings in separate DXF files with polylines, suited for interfacing to an NC programming system.
  • Improved path selection in the options window.
Rel. 3.1, Date 15-May-2000:
New features:
  • Automatic roll design for any kind of profile, folded and complicated, too, and for every kind of shaft, without using CAD. The new function is called "Roll, Scan Profile Drawing" (replaces the function "Roll, Read Profile List") and proceeds a hidden line algorithm for the drawing on the drawing board. Existing rolls on other shafts are considered, too.
  • In the roll tool drawing, the previous pass can be inserted. This is useful for checking out if the incoming profile is treated correctly by the rolls and if no conflict occurs.
  • In the print preview now any user defined scale can be selected.
  • Side rolls with an inclination angle now are dimensioned correctly.
  • The diameter of the cross-hair circle of the marked roll corner point now is independent of the zoom factor.
  • In the print protocol of the rolls the widths now are related to the corner of the roll.
Rel. 3.0 Date 14-Nov-1999:
New features:
  • ActiveX interface to AutoCAD 2000
  • Fully associative Profile dimensioning (manually) and roll dimensioning (manually and automatically). Transfer of the dimensioning to AutoCAD via ActiveX.
  • Extended functions for tube forming: Welding pass, fin pass, break down pass, automatic generation of rolls for all passes.
  • Roll Tool Stock Management with quick searching for suited rolls for re-use.
  • Project select window with graphic preview.
  • FEA calculation by using the technologic processor of the Institute of Production Engineering and Forming Machines (PtU Darmstadt, Germany).
  • Maximum count of profile elements increased from 99 to 199.
  • Pre-set of the edge rounding radius in "Options, Roll".
  • Extended online-help, with new table of contents.
  • Button "Save" only enabled, if the project was modified.
  • Single passes or rolls can be transferred to CAD.
  • Text height can be preset in "Options, Drawing".
  • If the input fields "Top Roll, Ref. Point x/y" of the machine data window are empty, the top roll reference point now is set to the upper side of the sheet automatically.
  • No runtime-error anymore while removing a roll and the roll tool window is open.
  • No sporadic error message anymore after opening a profile toolbox window.
  • The parts list in the Imperial System now contains blank sizes and bore diameter with two decimal places.

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